I may not say this all the time, but your help and guidance to our children are very much appreciated. You are helping us raise them to become such talented, smart, and kind individuals. You are making our work as parents so much easier. Thank you and we appreciate you very much! Because this Covid situation online classes is not very easy procedure, specially junior students classes. I am so grateful to you for your patience, enthusiasm and passion. I really appreciate your hard work.
You are the best early- childhood education teacher I have ever known! Our once introvert child’s personality has bloomed open like a beautiful fragrant flower ever since being tended by a lovely gardener in the form like a Teacher like you. Teachers like you are one in a million! Thanks for creating such a fun and educational environment for Jinisha and for always being nice to our child.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers who have contributed to my child’s growth and curiosity for learning. We feel so lucky that our kid got a chance to study your school and got you as a teacher.
Your words are the sparks that Light Up Our Children’s Future.
Thanks For Everything – Shipra Banerjee Barman

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