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About IndoScots

Welcome to a world that is defined by the magic of discovery, by moments of wonderous curiosity and by evidence of self-reliance and confidence.

Indo Scots Preschool is part of the Indo Scots Global School, a K-12 school with global standards of excellence.


Our vision is to facilitate a learning environment where the individual success of each and every learner is celebrated. By promoting an international standard of educational excellence and by ensuring equal opportunities to each individual to bloom, we aspire that all our learners develop into successful, effective and skillful individuals.

Indo Scots Learner:
  • Successful, knowledgeable and caring leaders of the future
  • Effective contributors to a peaceful world
  • Skillful individuals with robust character


Our mission is to stimulate the intellectual, emotional, physical, moral and social development of each of our learners so that they reach their full potential through enterprise.

We endeavour to provide the best blend of support and challenges so as to inspire lifelong learning and achievement for all the learners through

Our Values

Achievements & Awards

Top Emerging School – National Curriculum
Dynamic School 2022 – Certificate of Achievement
No. 2 Pre School in Navi Mumbai 2022 – By Education World
Best Campus Design & Architecture 2022 – By Education World
Education World -Exemplery Covid 19 Pandemic Eduleader
Top Emerging National / International Curriculum Award
Pre School Grand Jury Award 2019
Education World – Promising 21st Century Pre School Award 2018-19
Top Emerging School International Curiculum (IB / IGCSE) 2019
Times School Survey 2020
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