Frequently asked questions

At Indo Scots Preschool, our vision is to facilitate a learning environment where the success of every learner is celebrated, we aspire that all our learners develop into successful, effective and skilful individuals. We aim to blossom a child's personality by making the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment. We prepare our children for life by imparting not only age-appropriate knowledge but also enhancing their talents and empowering them with life skills to ensure holistic development of the child that includes:

  • Physical Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Language Development
  • Socio-Emotional Development
  • Creative Development
S.No Grade Age (Year)
1 Settlers 1.8+
2 Playgroup 2.0+
3 Nursery 3.0+
4 Jr. Kg, 4.0+
5 Sr.Kg. 5.0+
6 Day Care 1.0 – 8.0

The duration for Playgroup – 2 hours
Nursery, Junior & Senior Kg – 4 hours

Enrolment is on-going and a child may enter at any time during the year (as per the availability of seats).

Yes, Children learn best when in a group. Our stage activities enhances the language skills and confidence levels of every child.

The school imparts toilet training by following a routine wherein a child is taken to the washroom before mealtime, after mealtime and when he/she is leaving in afternoon. Slowly and gradually the child falls into this pattern and starts informing the teachers and the Care takers.

For a smooth transition from home to school, Indo Scots pre-school has a unique 3 months settlers’ program which helps the child in becoming familiar with the surroundings and school campus. Through this program children are taught the first set of life skills which help them grow into confident, self-sufficient adults.

Learners who directly join PG or Nursery the first few days of school for them are known as “Settling Period.” We begin with short separation times, as children need to have faith that their caregiver will return. This builds trust and mutual understanding. Once these brief periods become the norm, we extend the length of separation. The length of time it takes before your child attends a full schedule will depend on the age and the individual child. Children are all unique.

It’s normal for a child to cry during their initial stage at pre-school. Please remember that it’s a natural, healthy response to the love you’ve given them so far.

We typically determine the placement of the child based on age; however, we consider many other factors upon deciding the make-up of a classroom. Such factors would include: boy to girl ratio, different personalities, age, readiness, social emotional development, etc. We shuffle the learners every year, so that they learn to interact within a large set of group and better their social skills

Discipline is a process of learning self-control, respect for others, and responsibility. Positive methods of discipline will be practiced at all times so children are aware of an acceptable code of conduct at school. For any on-going issues, teachers will communicate with parents so that school and home are working together with a child’s best interests in mind.

To help children learn to manage their actions and feelings, teachers will model sharing, waiting, taking turns, solving problems, controlling impulses, and expressing ideas through words.

All our preschool teachers have a degree either in Early Years Education, NTT, B.Ed. and assistant teachers have a diploma. While paper qualification is a major criterion, we also look for individuals who have a genuine passion for teaching young children. Aside from their paper qualifications, internal teacher training is conducted on a regular basis

We write and distribute a monthly newsletter, explaining the following months plan. We have a school ERP system with parent mobile app too – It reflects important communications, circulars, dates, events, holidays etc alternatively we have an almanac/communication diary where parents can write to us.
We also have Parents Teachers Meeting every quarter.

At Indo Scots Pre-school, we believe in transparency and encourage parents to work with us towards a child's growth and development and also contribute towards progress of the School. Parents are invited to get involved in their child’s preschool experience by participating in festivals, events, teaching-learning practices, parent-teacher meetings & by attending periodic workshops on childcare and parenting. We have class mothers for each section, who works as parents representatives as a channel of communication between the school and the parents bodies.

The toys and classrooms are sanitized on a daily basis and deep cleaning is conducted on weekly basis. Teachers follow a detailed checklist and sign off upon cleaning.

Yes, we do. The details can be asked for from the counsellors at the time of admission.

We offer Day-care to all children up to the age of 8 years. We have a planned after school activities to keep your child engaged in a constructive atmosphere.

Yes, Children studying in Senior KG at our pre-school centres are entitled to secure a seat for G01 at Indo Scots Global School and must confirm their admission by 31st October, post the privilege period the admissions will be based on first come first serve basis.

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