Affectionate & trained teachers

Our teachers are facilitators, and the guides for our young explorers. Their task is to encourage learners and make them want to learn and explore on their own. We aim to nurture and condition our learners as they learn, through dynamic cycles of inquiry, action and reflection

Our goal is to bring in the best and for that all our teachers are certified in Early Childhood Care & Education (E.C.C.Ed) program from reputed institutions and this gives them the fundamental qualifications to bring out the best in your child. Our teachers not only bring their experience but also their dedication and their love for their role in shaping the lives and minds of your children. We have experts who also train our teachers regularly and instill in them the skills to realize each childs strengths and unique abilities that go a long way in shaping their interests and aptitudes. Children are implusive and instinctive and each of our teachers are well experienced to recognise this and channelise this for the best development of the child.

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