Curriculum and Learning methodologies

Learning and fun, once they coincide it makes life easy and simple for the learners. ISPS truly believes in that and therefore for that we strive to make learning fun, enjoyable and a process of discovery for our learners so that they feel enthusiastic to come back to school every day. We repose our faith in the years of research that has shown us that young learners are primarily visual and tactile learners, and our curriculum design is therefore created to stimulate and engage them in their learning. Our entire campus is an aid to learning and an extension of our curriculum that is specially designed to promote learning through activities they perform.

Utmost care is taken that, the academic programmes at ISPS are designed with a right balance. We believe in adopting the constructivist approach to play which revolves around planning intentional, meaningful and thought-provoking inquiry-embedded play-based learning experiences to support children’s holistic development

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