Safe & Conducive Infrastructure

Sending a child away to a different environment is one of the most difficult decisions for a parent to make and every parent would want their child to be in an environment where he get his due care with respect to his needs and safety. The early years of a child’s help building a strong foundation for his further education.

Vibrant and innovatively designed learning spaces

  • A significant learning space with spacious classrooms and equipped with the best learning materials that is essential for the child.
  • The school is ideally positioned to take benefit of the natural sunlight which is required for the healthy physical development of the child.
  • The classrooms and outdoors are well lit, airy and conducive for the active engagement of the child in learning and physical activities.

Secured & Safe Campus

  • ISPS takes no chances with hygiene and cleanliness. Our washrooms are cleaned and sanitized at the beginning, middle and end of every day. They are also equipped and fully stocked with daily essentials.
  • CCTV cameras and professional security personnel ensure a well-guarded and a secure campus apt for growing.

Spaces for Physical well being

  • The gigantic outdoor play area, facility for indoor sports activities, multipurpose hall for creative expressions, play area, sand pool and water pool for little ones help us conduct plethora of activities for our learners to discover themselves.

Spaces for Health & Mental Well being

  • Trained nurse to provide medical help, health care and first aid is available during school hours in the Health Centre.
  • Our in house Guidance and Counselling Centre facilitates professional help to channelize the energy and provide corrective measures for behavioural issues
  • A well-planned diet is important for all successful healings in our life. Eating is necessity but doing the same intelligently is an Art. Our cafeteria offers variety of nutritious and wholesome meals to our enthusiasts. Our children’s balanced diet is taken care by our expert clinical nutritionist
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