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Virtual Schooling @ ISPS

Our virtual learning schooling program is well outlined under 2 categories – synchronous learning & asynchronous learning. The blended learning components are designed to reduce screen time and minimize screen fatigue.


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Few glimpses of our Virtual Schooling

Curriculum in junior kindergarten capitalizes on children’s increasing capacity for learning content and knowledge. Thus intellectual development, acquisition of skills and concepts are actively promoted. Process-oriented interdisciplinary learning experiences remain an important learning goal. Kindergarten 1 children are more confident and articulate in using language to express their ideas and feelings. Curriculum actively promotes purposeful learning of vocabulary, word skills, reading and writing through whole language literacy experiences. In math, children continue to gain enhanced understanding of numeracy and math processes. Curriculum at this stage also emphasizes social studies, environment and community awareness. Emotional and social development continue to be emphasized as children exhibit more sophisticated self-regulatory behaviors, autonomy, and better understanding of social etiquettes, right and wrong, and appreciation for rules.

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